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Faerielore - Download

Faerielore - Download

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Faerielore is the third release in the Dragonwind series and continues on a musical journey through a place of magic and wonder.
Iimagine yourself strolling though the woods as playful sprites scurry about then look up to see majestic dragons flying through the skies. 

Faerielore's music is epic lushly layered, often with multiple movements or a Celtic flare. 
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    David Saunders
Wonderful sonics akin to Vangelis at his most symphonic best with music that could come from Lord of the Rings. Thematic and cinematic music to stir the heart with glorious melodies. Super stuff Chris and I await the other two parts of the trilogy which is on order.


Great score. Is wonderful.Powerful melodies.


    Susan E. Brown
The CD is amazing! I can see dancing fountains of water and it makes you want to laugh, cry and love at the same time. An emotional sleigh ride!


Track listing and preview below: