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Alandar - Download

Alandar - Download

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Alandar is the fourth and final installment in the Dragonwind series of recordings of a time and a place long forgotten.

Once again Christopher takes elements of orchestral and Celtic music combining it with his own unique style that captures the listeners imagination and beckons you to enter his musical world. If you enjoyed Christopher's other works then Alandar will no disappoint and is some of his best of the Dragonwind series. 

"Top 5 Best Neo-Classical and Electronic Album Of The Year (2009)" from ZMR, the publication that tracks this style of music in the industry.

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Excellent musical adventure
Alandar is another excellent musical adventure in the Caouette Fairy-Dragon Fantasy anthology series. I loved the chanting in the first song and the expressive, exhilarating classical themes.


Track listing and preview below: