IFM Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is very important to me!  This statement applies to Inner Force Music - Christopher Caouette.

In exchange for free music, I am asking for your first name and email address.  This information is NEVER shared with (or “sold, rented or leased” to) anyone outside of my business.  I will contact you with news, announcements, and occasional promotions as I like to got to know my fans!

Keep in mind that if you share your personal information in public comments on my page on Facebook I can’t control that information – it’s public!  BUT anything you send to me will remain private unless I ask for permission to share with my music community!

Cookies: Christopher Caouette’s website uses both first and third-party cookies. Depending on your country of residence, you may now see a pop up message reminding you that we use cookies to improve the user experience, site speed, and provide tracking history.

Right to erasure and right to update: In accordance with the upcoming regulations, if you reside in the European Union and we do not have legal reasons to continue to store your personal information in our databases, you have the right to be forgotten, to update your information, or to remove your information from certain third-party platforms. To request your right to erasure or to update your information, please contact, and your personal information will be deleted from, or updated in our systems within 30 days.

Lawful marketing consent: Christopher Caouette’s customers and website visitors who are requesting information, registering for events, or contacting us online via our websites will begin to see additional required checkboxes with specific language related to our privacy policy and website terms of use.

Backups and retaining data: In accordance with GDPR, Christopher Caouette’s label, Inner Force Music will continue to store secure, encrypted backups of your personal data in the United States. We will avoid transmitting personal data that resides in the EU, out of country.

Third Party Tools: To ensure your data is secure and in accordance with GDPR, Inner Force Music will continue to employ third-party technology companies that are in compliance with these new privacy protection policies.

For more information on the General Data Protection Regulation Act from the European Union, please visit the EU’s GDPR website at:

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