Full Circle (Remastered) - Download

Full Circle (Remastered) - Download

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Full Circle was composed in 1993.  At that time Christopher had worked with a group from Ecuador and was also involved with helping to raise support a local wildlife rehabilitation center.  

World Symphonic II briefly features Roberto Cachimuel from Yarina on Pan Pipes.

The pieces Wind Over Wings and Lady were composed for Wind Over Wings wildlife rehabilitation.   

Lady specifically was about an eagle that had flown into power lines and lost her ability to fly but thanks to Wind Over Wings she was able to regain some of her former self.

  1. World Symphonic I
  2. World Symphpnic II
  3. City Of Sun
  4. Sunrush II
  5. The Knowing
  6. Wind Over Wings
  7. Lady
  8. Song Of Vows
  • Available in MP3 of WAV Format 

The Relics series are recordings made before the official start of the Dragonwind fantasy series.  You will still find Christopher's use of melody and themes throughout.