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The Journey Begins Here!

Explore the beginnings of a world where magical creatures exist and take your imagination away on distant quests!

Ring Of Dragons, released in 2002, is the first in the Dragonwind series.

Start Your Adventure Here!

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Track listing and preview below:


About The Album

I. Welcome My Dragons
The introduction summons dragons and they gather from places unknown. The music builds, then subsides leaving a trail of magic sparkles in its wake. 

II. Homelands
Whence do the dragons come? Where are their homelands? A mystical place it must be...flutes, bagpipes, and harp tell the story; they lift the listener then set them down gently on the greensward. 

III. Dotted Skies
The early morning sun crests the horizon and pierces low wispy clouds with its red and gold rays. In the distance black dots appear and loom larger. Dragons of many sizes and colors soar and cavort on the morning zephyrs and fill the sky with their majesty. 

IV. Order Of Magic
A solemn gathering of the Wise Ones invoke the powers of bravery, joy, 
wisdom, freedom, and love. Dragon sages, in the ways of magic, convene
in this space -- rich with layers of bells, piano, pipe, organ, and choir. 

V. Shadow Dancer
The Kuho Dragons understand that all life is connected. They live based
on a natural balance that is heard as a single heartbeat from nature. 

VI. Cloud Rippers
Playful dragons caper in the sky. They dart and dive and rend the fluffly
sun-edged clouds apart. 

VII. Ring Of Dragons
In the dark of the storm the Kuho dragons gather and foresee a darkness
foretold by the eldest, a silver dragon. The solemn moment is broken
as the storm subsides and thesun breaks the horizon. 
The Kuho take to the skies and work their magic.